• Maps: The Island, Ragnarok, The Center, Aberration, Extinction & Genesis

  • General Harvest: x3

  • Element Harvest: Ext x1, Gen x2

  • Taming: x5

  • Egg Hatch Speed: x15

  • Maturation: x15

  • Baby Imprinting Bonus: x1

  • XP: x3

  • Dino XP requirements capped lower to reach max level faster

  • Structure Damage: x1

  • Dino Turret Damage: x1

  • Cave Damage: x6

  • Offline Structure HP: 40% damage reduction

  • Offline Turret Damage Boost: x3

  • Custom Recipe Effectiveness: x2

  • Fishing Loot Quality: x1.4

  • Crop Growth Speed: x5

  • Turret Limit: 150

  • Unlimited Mindwipes

  • Gamma: Allowed

  • Player Stats Slight Increase - Dino Stats Vanilla

  • Max Wild Dino Level: 150 (Tek +20% / Wyvern & Drake eggs 190)

  • Tribe Limit: 6

  • Alliances: No

  • Food & Water Consumption Reduced

  • Floating Damage Text OFF
  • 1 hour game time = 18 minutes in real-time
  • Item/Resources weight reduced by 50%

  • Stack sizes are mostly 500 for resources with a few exceptions. Ammo is 250 (ARB is 100)

  • Tribe slot cooldown of 1 hour

  • Player Movement Speed Level Cap of 191.5%

  • Player Melee Level Cap of 500%

  • Dino Food Level Cap of 100k

  • Weapon Cap = 298%

  • Flak & Tek Armour Dura Cap = 1,500

  • After a creature is deployed from a cryopod or soultrap, the following nerfs apply:

    • Cryo Nerf will last for 10 seconds

    • Reduces the amount of damage dealt by the creature by 90%

    • Increases the amount of damage taken by the creature by 25%

  • Saddle Cap: As per official, most saddles will be capped at 124%, however, some of the better soakers have lower caps

  • Artifact Cave Building: ALL CAVES ALLOWED


  • Paracer have been given a 10% resistance boost to help counter the recent nerf by Wildcard

  • Gacha's will be limited to 6 per tribe per map. You can store more than 6 in soul traps or cryopods, however only 6 Gacha per tribe in the open

  • Cross Travel Element & Element Shards = Yes

  • Nanny Imprinting = 100%

  • Structures will lock by default

  • Transmitter & Gates are not able to be placed on platform saddles

  • Grappling Hook will no longer work in boss arenas

  • Cryopods & Soul exploit to release unintentional dinos into the boss arena will no longer work

  • Gigas taken into a boss fight will receive full torpor and remain unconscious for the boss fight

  • S+ Water Pipe intake allows water when placed anywhere (no need for pipes direct in water source)

  • Metal structures have a decay timer of 16 days that starts from when you logoff. After 16 days it is able to be manually demolished. Lower tier structures decay quicker, and single foundations decay in 12 hrs.

  • Flamethrower damage reduced by 30%

  • Beaver Dams will despawn after 120 seconds of being accessed

  • Plant Species Z flashbang will not affect players vision

  • Magmasaur structure damage reduced by 50%

  • Cannon damage reduced by 50%

  • Shotgun Bullet crafting recipe customised (only requires Metal Ingots & Gunpowder)

  • Heavy Turret Crafting Recipe updated to remove the Auto Turret requirement


  • Blood Wyvern - The Island - Mountains

  • Ember Wyvern - The Center - Volcano

  • Tropical Wyvern - Ragnarok - Desert Oasis

  • Tropeognathus - Ragnarok - Center

  • Daeodon - Aberration - Blue Zone


  • Wyverns 110%

  • Crystal Wyverns 100%

  • Phoenix 200%

  • Griffin 140%

  • Rock Drake 150%

  • Argy 150%

  • Moth 160%

  • Pelagornis 160%

  • Ptero 145%

  • Quetz 150%

  • Tapejara 150%

  • Snow Owl 120%

  • Tropeognathus 136.5%


  • Bronto

  • Desert Titan, Forest Titan & Ice Titan (for the first three weeks of the season)

  • Crystal Wyverns, Managarmr & Griffins (for the first 24 hours)

  • Rock Golem (for the first 3 days)

  • Megachelon (for the first week)


In-Game Commands (type the below into Global Chat whilst in-game)

  • /ShowLimits - Shows amount of tribe structures and structure limits /suicide - kills your player

  • /setorp - places your tribes ORP in the location you are standing

  • /showorp - will display a visual field for 10 seconds to show the location of your ORP

  • /removeorp - will remove the tribes ORP

  • /dctokens - Shows your Dino Colour token balance

  • /sdcr - Uses 1 token from your balance and randomizes the target dino colour

  • /sdc <region> <color> - When looking at a dino uses 1 token from your balance and sets that region to that color. Do this for each region on the dino. Each dino only uses 1 token during its lifetime, not per region. (Example:  /sdc 0 1     this would paint region 0 with the colour red)

  • /savedc <name> - When looking at a dino saves the colour scheme as the name (Saved colour schemes are species-specific)

  • /listdc - When looking at a dino will list all available saved dino colour schemes for that species

  • /loaddc <name> - When looking at a dino loads the colour scheme of that name (Saved colour schemes are species-specific)


  • ArkWarfare Utilities

  • Structures Plus (S+)

  • TCs Auto Rewards

  • Bitou2k's Binocular

  • Dino Storage

  • Rare Sightings

  • StructureSaver2

Steam Mod Collection:


  • High-Level Dino Distribution: This plugin is used on all maps other than Ragnarok, and will result in the dinos spawning on other maps with similar high-level ranges to what Ragnarok offers, thus balancing dino levels.

  • Structure Limit: This plugin is used to limit the total amount of structures a tribe can have per map. Each tribe has a structure limit of 15,000 structures per map applies. You can check at any time how many structures you have placed by typing in global chat /ShowLimits There are also individual structure limits in place for certain items:

- Small Crop Plots (200)

- Medium Crop Plots (200)

- Large Crop Plots (200)

- Lights (50 of each)

- Cryofridge (40)

- Item Aggregator (8)

- Item Collector (4)

- Element Catalyzer (4)

- Gacha Gavager (6)

- Sheep Grinder (3)

- Soul Terminal (1)

  • Discord In-Game Chat: This plugin is used on all maps to integrate in-game chat into this discord channel #ingame-chat.

  • Dino Colours: This plugin is used for donators that are given access to use commands in-game to colour their dinos.

  • AWF PVP: This plugin aims to solve a few glitches, exploits and cheese methods. Features include: Bola trap reduced duration, flamethrower damage reduced by 50%, plant z flash blind effect removal on players, grappling hook does not work in the boss arena, can not take Gigas into the boss arena, Managarmr ice breath damage reduced by 50%, Magmasaur damage to structures reduced by 50%, cannon damage reduced by 50%, prevents turret meshing.

  • AWF Items: This plugin is used to add hard caps on items in-game that would otherwise not cap until a server reboot or transfer - giving another layer of cap protection to minimise chances of using overcap items.

  • AWF Speedy Flyer: This plugin sets customised max speeds for Flyers. Refer to the above for flyer speeds. 

  • AWF ORP: This plugin allows each tribe to place 1 ORP per map. 

➤ 1 ORP per tribe per map

➤ Use global chat command to SET, REMOVE or SHOW ORP

➤ ORP will be activated 30 minutes after last tribe member logs off

➤ If you combat log during a raid/PVP and log off within a 10-minute window of PVP/Raiding, ORP will have a penalty delay added before activation of 90 minutes

➤ When ORP is activated your base within ORP zone will have the following protection:

- Structure Damage resistance 40%

- Dino Damage resistance 10%

- Passive Dino Damage resistance 30%

- Turret Damage x3

- Dino Damage x2

  • AWF Server Events: This plugin allows admins to create in-game events. The goal of the event is to destroy the event dino whilst defending against enemy tribes. Once the event dino is killed, Red Bonus Drops will start to fall from the sky and land near the centre of the event dome. 

Custom ArkWarfare Mod Features:

  • Mindwipe Tonic (Levels only): A mindwipe tonic for resetting player levels only (not engrams)

  • Dino XP Potion - A potion a dino can drink to gain XP points for levelling

  • Rep's Custom Chibis - Mek Chibi, Brood-mother Chibi, Desert-Titan Chibi, Ice-Titan Chibi, Velonasaur Chibi

  • Sheep Grinder: Simply drag the Corpse of a Sheep on-top of the Structure, put Gasoline into the Grinder & press Grind!

  • ArkWarfare Protection Shields: Protection shields spawn-able only by an admin, and given to new players or raided tribes to offer some protection

  • Rhino Restoration: Woolly Rhinos have been restored to there former glory with charge speed restored with 20% increase, and charge damage increased from 8x to 12.5x

  • Reusable Items: A reusable grappling hook that works on Aberration but not in Boss Arenas. Reusable Parachute that never runs out!

  • Transferable Element & Element Shards: Convert regular element & shards to cross-travel element to be able to transfer to different maps with the element

  • ArkWarfare PickUp Gun: This is a PickupGun that delivers similar functionality to the S+/SS PickupGun - the big difference is that this has ANTI-DUPE protection that actually works!

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