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ArkWarfare is an Australian Unofficial Ark Cluster Servers. Consistently the #1 highest populated unofficial ark servers in Australia based on arkservers.net

ArkWarfare was started to provide an Australian Ark experience to those that love ark, but with slightly boosted rates, less toxicity compared to official, and not have to worry about corrupt admins that enforce most unofficial servers.

ArkWarfare began in 2017 on PS4 where the community began. In 2018, made the move to PC where the magic started. On PC we have been through 7 seasons, continually growing our ark community. The discord is currently at 1,000+ ark players. ArkWarfare has consistently been the top Australian Ark Servers for the past year.

All players are treated fairly and equally, and for each season we run a voting system on settings/mods/maps so we listen to what the community wants Ark to be. Join the discord to raise your own suggestions that the community can vote on.

If this is the community you wish to be apart of, then welcome to ArkWarfare.

Meet the Admin Team

OWNER - ReptilianMind

The owner of ArkWarfare. Full access to everything, in-game admin access, network management, discord moderator - ultimately responsible for all things ArkWarfare (All bans & appeals go through me).


Access to do server updates/restarts/wild dino wipes/world saves, in-game admin access & discord moderator.

ADMIN - Lilith, Xena & Kl250d

In-game admin access & discord moderator.

Should you experience any problems in game, or need assistance, please visit the Open a Ticket channel in the discord and react to the post with the envelope emoji to open a ticket. One of the above ArkWarfare team members will respond to you. Whilst most tickets should be answered promptly, please note that a response may not always be instant due to personal commitments & existing tickets. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. We appreciate your patience.