ArkWarfare was founded in 2017 and was started to provide an Australian Ark experience to those that love ark, with slightly boosted rates, and less toxicity compared to official.

ArkWarfare has been through over 20+ seasons, continually growing our ark community. The discord has over 2000+ ark players and ArkWarfare has consistently been the highest populated OCE Ark Servers. The real ArkWarfare is ONLY on PC - we are not to be associated with any "ark warfare" servers on PS4 or Xbox.

All players are treated fairly and equally, and for each season we run a voting system on settings/mods/maps so we listen to what the community wants Ark to be. Join the discord to raise your own suggestions that the community can vote on.

If this is the community you wish to be apart of, than welcome to ArkWarfare.


Should you experience any problems in-game, or need assistance, please visit the Open a Ticket channel in the discord and react to the post with the envelope emoji to open a ticket. One of the Admin team members will respond to you. Whilst most tickets should be answered promptly, please note that a response may not always be instant due to personal commitments & existing tickets. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. We appreciate your patience.


Given the amount of exposure most players have experienced on unofficial servers with corrupt admins, it is understandable there is doubt in our minds about players that have access to admin commands. One of the main reasons ArkWarfare was started, was to create a community that is fair, transparent and honest - free from admin abuse. Most admins choose not to PVP and will only do PVP-related activities during planned events where this will be stated (ie. raid base events). For Admins that wish to PVP and play the game as intended, we have a restricted admin profile with limited access to commands. All admin commands are logged & monitored by the Owner and should abuse be found, all admin/players/tribes involved will be banned/wiped. For any allegations involving another admin, the Chief Execs will handle this directly with no involvement from the admin team.