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Supporting ArkWarfare!

ArkWarfare was founded in 2018 and was started to provide an Ark Survival Evolved experience to those that love Ark, with slightly boosted rates and less toxicity compared to the official servers.

ArkWarfare has been through over 30+ seasons, continually growing our Ark community. The discord has over 2500+ Ark players, and ArkWarfare has consistently been the highest-populated  Ark Survival Evolved Servers in Australia & New Zealand since 2019. In 2023, we opened North America (NA) servers and created a cross-cluster, cross-region experience between NA & OCE.  Given the large scale of the player base, we operate with high-performing top-of-the-range dedicated machines, where we rely on the people playing to help support it financially.

ArkWarfare is free to play, there is no obligation to buy anything. Your contribution goes a long way in helping sustain and grow the community further by helping cover the costs for the machines, upgrades, licences and software required to run. We offer rewards for members who support us whilst aiming to minimise any Pay2Win incentives by rolling out the in-game shop, roulette and loot boxes in stages.

When you purchase something, you will be prompted to select which map you will be on for the rewards to roll out. Points & Dino Tokens are accessible on all maps.

All orders are fulfilled automatically within 1-15 minutes of logging into the ArkWarfare server you selected when you paid. Discord roles will be delivered within 1-15 minutes of placing the order.

Thank you for supporting ArkWarfare. 

Terms & Conditions

Donations to ArkWarfare are payments for virtual perks and/or items. All items are virtual and have no value. The transaction is final, and no refunds will be given. 

You will not be refunded if you are banned for breaking the rules on ArkWarfare. Bans are subject to the full discretion of the server admins. Donation items lost in PvP or other natural events in-game will not be replaced. However, items proven to be lost in glitches, crashes, corruption, or other unpreventable situations may be replaced at the admin team's discretion should evidence be provided.

IF YOU MAKE A PURCHASE BEFORE A WIPE IS ANNOUNCED AND THE WIPE IS WITHIN 7 DAYS FOR, THE POINTS CAN GET FULLY REPLACED IN-GAME IF YOU HAVE USED THEM ALREADY. Contact ReptilianMind via Discord after a new Wipe. Anything purchased after a wipe has been announced, there are no replacements.

Please acknowledge that whilst mostly announced ahead of time, the AWF Cluster is subject to wipe at any time, and your store purchases will not carry across to new seasons (other than Dino Tokens). Wipes usually occur every 4-6 weeks.

Refund Policy

ArkWarfare has a strict NO REFUND policy on all delivered items, as all our digital items can be traced.

Any unscheduled PayPal chargebacks not discussed with the owner will result in a permanent ban from ArkWarfare.


The default currency in the ArkWarfare store is $USD.

You can select various currencies to view prices - please note that upon checkout, prices will be in USD.