Season's can vary in length depending on various factors such as population, new releases and glitches/bugs. Typically seasons will last between 2 - 4 months.

Season 9 had a new record number of players online with 324 players on wipe night!

ARK WARFARE Season 9 will consist of 6 main maps in the cluster and 1 Team Deathmatch server. 

For those that want to put there PVP skills to the test, hop on over to the Team Deathmatch server where it is PVP at its finest. When you spawn you can choose 1vs1 or pick a team to go into team deathmatch, select a kit, and let the PVP begin.

Running the 'Make Ark Great Again' & 'Anti-Mesh' Plug ins! We have all experienced meshing in some way or another, and it is one of those cheating methods that ruin this game. On ARK WARFARE you can be rest assured that meshing preventions are in place, and rules that will be enforced thereby banning players that use cheat methods. The MAGA plugin removes popcorning, provides some offline protection, adds pvp cooldown timers that restrict the use of certain items such as the transfer tool - to promote a healthy pvp culture.

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