Voting has now closed for the upcoming Season 6 of Series 2.

Stay tuned for more information, the season information will be released soon!

Genesis Part Two released on the 2nd June. Season 5 started on Friday 4th June at 6pm AEST 

For all the season 5 information refer here:

Seasons can vary in length depending on various factors such as population, new releases, and glitches/bugs. Typically, seasons will run for 8 weeks however can run up to 4 months dependent on the above factors. Most wipe nights you can expect to see anywhere from 150-300+ players!

On wipe weekend, ArkWarfare tends to reach server slot cap on multiple servers which is why we recommend to get a whitelist or membership for new seasons. Here is a snapshot of Season 9 players online for wipe night where we set new records with 303 Players Online:


ARK WARFARE has been REBORN and started its 2nd series...

We will be creating a server template which will be the foundations of ArkWarfare, with the most popular voted settings over 10 seasons, taking into consideration the results from over 1000+ responses to our surveys and find a happy medium that you will all enjoy. The community will still be able to raise suggestions in the discord and official voting will take place, however, no major changes will take place mid-season unless absolutely necessary, and not deviating from the template too far. There will be more information coming soon…


For those that want to put their PVP skills to the test, hop on over to the ARENA server where it is PVP at its finest.

We have a custom made ArkWarfare Mod that has some unique additions: Sheep Grinder, ArkWarfare Protection Shields for new players & raided tribes, Player Kill leaderboard, Reusable Grappling Hook & Parachute, Dino XP Potion, Mindwipe Tonic for level reset only, custom made chibi's, Rhino Nerf removed, Transferrable Element and lots of QoL changes. 

We are also running various plugins that provide protection against some glitches and exploits that exist in this game to help promote a healthier & fairer PVP world to play in.