​Ark Arena gives you all the excitement and complexity of Ark PvP but without any of the grinding.

Choose from our exciting Game modes and compete against your fellow survivors to prove who has the most skill. For more information about The Arena click here:
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➤ No spamming or mass tagging of Arena role

➤ No throwing matches to give another an advantage

➤ No team killing

➤ No racist or offensive language will be tolerated

➤ We follow the official Studio Wildcard Code of Conduct for Ark: Survival Evolved - please click here:

Capture the Artifact

This is our signature large-scale PvP combat. 2 teams fight to break into their opposing team’s base and destroy their artifact. Team up with your friends or join solo.


Team Deathmatch

A true test of ground PvP and tactical skill. Two teams fight for control of the Valguero Redwoods, competing to kill enemy players. There are no dinos, turrets, or other special items in this mode to help you, just you and your weapon.


Lava Golem Arena

5 players compete in free-for-all combat to be the last man standing and walk away with a bounty of loot, while avoiding deadly lava and the angry Lava Golem.


1v1 Quick Play

Two players fight to the death. Last man standing is the winner.


1v1 Ranked

Two players fight to the death with the same armor and weapons. Arena uses an Elo rating system for ranked games.


2v2 Quick Play

Teams of two fight to the death. Last team with a player alive is the winner.


2v2 Ranked

Teams of two fight to the death with the same armor and weapons. Arena uses an Elo rating system for ranked games. Duelling If you prefer to fight a specific person, you can challenge them to a duel. Walk up to the player, hold the action button (E) and select “Challenge to Duel”.


Mek Wars

Engage with 2-4 players in a free-for-all, last man standing deathmatch, but with MEKS! Upon entering the Arena, each player will be given a Mek with all attachments and plenty of ammunition. They will then have 10 minutes to fight to the death. Last Mek standing wins.


Ptera 1v1

Face off against your opponent in a battle of aerial superiority and pinpoint accuracy. Last player standing wins..