Survival of the Fittest 2.0

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SOTF 2 : REVIVAL is a re-imagining of the epic Battle Royale style game mode Survival of the Fittest.

This new MOD brings SOTF back into the base game, as well as updating the map and re-balancing game mechanics.

SOTF 2 : Revival, although remaining true to the original game mode in core features and running on the familiar SOTF Island map, is full of optimisations and updates including:

  • Current Vanilla ARK Dino Versions (with a few adjustments)

  • New Dinos:

    • Woolly Rhino

    • Dire Wolf

    • New Items

    • New Events

    • New Map Features

      • New ways to access the centre platform

      • Reworked centre platform

      • New paths to navigate map

      • Additional resource locations

    • Balanced Crafting