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  • Harvest: x5

  • Taming: x10

  • Egg Hatch Speed: x30

  • Maturation: x30

  • Baby Imprinting Bonus: x1.5

  • XP: x3

  • Structure Damage: x1

  • Dino Turret Damage: x2

  • Cave Damage: x6

  • Offline Structure HP: x4

  • Offline Turret Damage Boost: x4

  • Custom Recipe Effectiveness: x5

  • Fishing Loot Quality: x2

  • Crop Growth Speed: x10

  • Turret Limit: 200

  • Unlimited Mindwipes

  • Gamma: Allowed

  • Player & Tamed Dino Stats Slight Increase

  • Max Player Level: 105 (gain an additional 30 levels with ascension on The Island & Aberration)

  • Max Wild Dino Level: 150 (Tek +20% / Wyvern & Drake eggs 190)

  • Tribe Limit: 4

  • Alliances: No

  • Food & Water Consumption Reduced

  • S+ Water Pipe intake allows water when placed anywhere (no need for pipes direct in water source)

  • No Managarmr

  • Bronto's & Titans Untameable

  • Floating Damage Text OFF


  • Structures Plus (S+)

  • HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 V297

  • Naj's Speedy Flyers

  • Offline Raid Protection Evolved

  • TCs Auto Rewards

  • Engram Unlocker

  • Editable Server UI

  • Bitou2k's Binocular

  • Cooldown Flag

  • Dino Storage

  • Utilities Plus

Steam Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1849745192


  • Anti-Mesh: This plug in will notify the server if a player has entered the mesh, and also send a notification to the admins in discord with the player's details and location so that it can be investigated. If a player has entered the mesh, they will be teleported out instantly.

  • Suicide: This plug in allows you to kill yourself should there be a need to (ie. stuck in a crevice). You just need to type in Global Chat /suicide

  • High Level Dino Distribution: This plug in is used on all maps other than Ragnarok, and will result in the dinos spawning on other maps with similar high level ranges to what Ragnarok offers, thus balancing dino levels.

  • Dino Colours: This plug in is used for donators that are given access to use commands in game to colour there dinos.