Season 7 Changes

4 Main Maps, Beginner Map & Team Deathmatch Map

- Tribe Limit 6ppl (No Alliances)
- Main Maps: Ragnarok, The Center, Aberration & Extinction
- Beginner Map: Ragnarok
- Floating damage text will be turned OFF
- Weapon Cap will be ON (Weapons will cap at 400)
- Titans & Brontos will be untameable
- Cave Flying will be off
- Element Harvesting for extinction reduced to be on par with other maps
- Alpha dinos will drop element when killed
- Overharvest will be ON
- Tame Limit is 500 dinos per tribe
- Online turret damage is vanilla (x1)
- Offline Raid Protection (3x Structure HP and 6x Turret Damage)
- Added HG Stack Remap mod to the following items back to vanilla stacks/weights: ARB, Element, Element shards, Plant Z, Cannonballs
- Replaced Cooldown Shield mod with Shield4Noobs (same principal but allows the radius to be adjustable)
- Increased crafting requirements of Cannonballs x5
- S+ Tek Generator fuel consumption x3
- Cloning cost vanilla
- Industrial Forge & Chem Bench slot count 300
- Industrial Forge smelt speed x1.5
- Reduced dino movement speed per level from 1.5 to 1.0
- Managarmr are now tameable on Extinction
- S+ Teleporters have been added back in (personal remote still disabled)

The following Engrams are removed

- All Fence Foundations & Supports
- S+ Vacuum Compartments
- S+ Mutator
- S+ Bed & Bunk Bed
- S+ Repair Gun
- S+ Personal Teleporter Remote
- S+ Gavager
- S+ Turrets: Auto, Heavy, Tek, Tranq & Flame
- S+ Tek Forcefield
- S+ Level 135 Structures
- S+ Tek Buggy &  Tek ATV
- S+ Repulser
- Vanilla Engrams that have an S+ counterpart (excl. vanilla metal structures)

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