Season 5: Confirmed Changes

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

After another vote by the community, we have decided on the changes to Season 5.

- Wipe Cycle will now be 4 months instead of 6 months

- Maps: The Island, Ragnarok, Aberration & Valguero (option to add more maps when donations roll through)

- Voted to have 4 Main Maps instead of 3 Main Maps + Beginner Map

- Harvest Rates will be 5x (with 10x weekend events)

- Taming Rates will be 10x

- Maturation & Incubation Rates will be 30x

- Experience Points Multiplier will be 5x (with 10x weekend events)

- Max Wild Dino Level will be 150 (Drakes/Wyverns 180)

- Tribe Limit will be 4ppl with no alliances

- Offline Raid Protection is not on - however ORPE mod is active for some offline protection

- Not allowed to build in caves that have cave drops (you can build in artifact caves provided there are no cave drops)

- Artifacts & Tribute items will remain in white drops

- Now allowed to build on Aberration surface entrances

- Not allowed to build in Oil Cave on Valguero

- Cave damage will remain 6x

- S+ Nanny Imprint Assist will remain 100%

- Aberration will remain exclusive with the type of dinos allowed on map default

- We will keep snow owls, gachas & titanosaur

- Floating Damage Text will remain on

- S+ Heavy Turret, S+ Tek Turret, S+ Tranq Turret will be removed

- Dino & Player Stats will have a 30% reduction compared to current values

- S+ Teleporter & Remote will be removed on all maps

- S+ Mutator will be reduced to 1 pulse, and cost 50 element per pulse

- S+ Autocrafter will be removed

- S+ Blueprint Converter will be removed

- Removal of Rare Sightings mod

- Raid Cooldown on same tribe of 2 days will apply

- Raid Limits of 1 raid per day per map applies (meaning with 4 maps you can raid once on each map, provided it is a different tribe on each map)


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