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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

This upcoming season has been all about rebalancing for PVP and reviewing all aspects to ensure there are changes for the better. Firstly, thank you to everyone who plays on ArkWarfare and took the time to vote for Season 10. There hasn't been all that much change as a result of the voting, but the areas that have changed look to promote a healthier PVP environment.

The likely date we will begin Season 10 is Friday 24th July 2020*

*We do not yet have the date confirmed, we are still awaiting parts and installation of the new machine. Should the date change it will be announced in discord but on track for 24th.

The outcome of the recent official voting is as follows:

  • Maps: The Island, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis & Crystal Isles

  • Tribe Limit: 6 people

  • Alliances: No

  • Harvest Rates: x5 weekdays (x7 weekends)

  • Taming Rates: x10

  • Maturation Rates: x15

  • XP Multiplier: x3

  • ORP Turret Damage: x3

  • ORP Structure Resistance: 50%

  • Turret Limit: 150

  • Diseases: No

  • Cross Travel Element: Yes

  • Nanny Imprinting: 100%

  • Structures will lock by default

  • Loot Drops: Current drops with quality balanced

  • Artifact Cave Building: No changes - as per post of approved caves

  • Weapon Cap: 400% (no changes)

  • Saddle Cap: 124 (official)

  • Flak Dura Cap: 1500

  • Tek Dura Cap: 1500

  • Speedy Flyers: Yes

  • Extinction Titans: Will be tameable in week 4 onwards

  • Crystal Wyverns & Griffins: Will be tameable after 24 hours

  • Megachalon, Rock Golems: Will be tameable after 1st week in season

  • Managarmr: Removed

  • Bloodstalker Breeding: Allowed

  • Dino XP/Leveling requirements: Custom (x3 quicker than vanilla)

  • SS Tek Generator, Transmitter, Crystal Cracker, Charge Station will remain in-game

  • SS Transmitter Dino Scanner will be disabled for the first 2 weeks

  • SS Catalyser will be removed

  • No changes to Soul Terminal - the main purpose will be used to store 40 dinos safely in the invincible soul terminal

Further changes in Season 10:

  • Cluster Leaderboard that will be available on the website - that will display players data for player kills, death, wild dino kills and tamed dino kills. Prizes to be announced!

  • Dino HP & Melee stats revert to official values

  • Player stats adjusted for further balancing (still boosted)

  • Turret radius restriction revert to official values (was 5,000 now 10,000)

  • New plugin to give full control over weapon, armour & saddle caps resulting in allowing both cryopods & soul traps to remain in-game

  • Arthropleura damage nerf removed

  • Bronto's untamable

  • Auto Swing Candy removed

  • Structure Limit per tribe per map remains at 10,000

  • Chainsaws hard capped to 150% damage and 500 durability

  • Removal of Medium, Large & Dynamic SS pillars

  • Reduction to HP of XL Walls to match same HP as large walls

  • Transmitter & Gates are not able to be placed on platform saddles

  • C4 cannot be placed within 3 foundations of a friendly structure

  • Grappling Hook will no longer work in boss arenas

  • Cryopods & Soul exploit to release unintentional dinos into boss arena will no longer work

  • Gigas taken into a boss fight will receive full torpor and remain unconscious for the boss fight

  • You can now upload items to ArkData Tribute during PVP cooldown

  • You can now pick up structures during PVP cooldown

  • Reduced spam prevention in global chat to 1 second

Mod Clean-Up: 8 mods in total (used to be 12)

We have been able to remove 4 mods thanks to the ArkWarfare Utilities mod

  • HG Stacking Mod - custom stacks now reduced to 500 with 50% weight reduction

  • HG Remap Stack - no longer needed

  • Editable Server UI - removed as new UI interface added

  • Utilities Plus (Reusables) - removed as Reusable Parachute & Grappling Hook added

Key changes to Rules:

  • Rules have been updated and finalised:

  • ArkWarfare Punishment System created for enforcement:

  • ArkWarfare Policies have been created:

  • Removal of 48-hour peace given to the tribe that you raid. This was removed due to a few reasons: If you have been wiped or near wiped you are eligible for protection shields lasting up to 3 days, therefore if the raid is successful you already get protection. There is also rule 4.5 in place which protects tribes from being raided excessively by the same tribe. We have now added in a 12-hour break between raiding the same tribe (to ensure there is some form of a break for those long raids/tribe wars)

  • No raid limits - before you were limited to raiding one tribe per day per map. This was recently voted and the majority were in favour of no raid limits (except for rule 4.5) meaning you can raid as often as you like - just ensure you are raiding/pvp'ing against tribes evenly and not excessively raiding the same tribe.

  • Removal of the rule regarding placing sleeping bags in locations to later respawn and bypass enemy defences (sleeping bags now have the same placement restrictions as all structures regarding being set distance from an enemy structure)

  • Removal of the rule regarding sharing base locations in global chat or discord

  • Removal of the rule regarding limiting tribes to 2 bases per map due to structure limit of 10,000 per tribe

  • Removal of foundation wiping rule as this is impossible to enforce without knowing the base layout prior to the raid

  • Removal of platform saddle building rules - there are restrictions in place via a plugin to limit the types of cheese methods to raiding (ie. platform structure limits, types of structures allowed on a platform saddle...etc)

  • Update to PVE Teaming rule - now only includes Boss Fights (excl. Genesis) - Farming, Taming, OSD, Element Veins, Genesis Ascension - will not be considered as PVE teaming.

Custom ArkWarfare Mod Features:

  • Once beaver dam inventory is accessed the dam automatically decomposes after 120 seconds

  • Bola duration for players is 15 seconds, Duration for Dinosaurs is 30 seconds

  • Flamethrower damage for Enflamed-Debuff is set to 4% per tick down from 8% for players

  • Magmasaur: x4 ammo cost & 50% reduced structure damage

  • Doedicurus: Increased range of Swing-Attack by 100%

  • Mindwipe Tonic (Levels only): A mindwipe tonic for resetting player levels only (not engrams)

  • Dino XP Potion - A potion a dino can drink to gain XP points for levelling

  • Argentavis - Allows you to grab dinos easier with the C-Attack.

  • Custom Chibis - Mek Chibi, Raft Chibi, Brood-mother Chibi, Desert-Titan Chibi, Ice-Titan Chibi, Velonasaur Chibi

  • Added an in-game Leader board for each map which has the top PKers (Player Killers)

  • Plant Z grenades no longer blind players, Still causes dismount of dinos

  • Treasure Chest Event: Treasure chest events that spawn treasure chests around the map with custom loot, it announces in-game by sharing the coords, and there are 3 to 4 rounds

  • Sheep Grinder: Simply drag the Corpse of a Sheep on-top of the Structure, put Gasoline into the Grinder & press Grind!

  • ArkWarfare Protection Shields: Protection shields spawn-able only by an admin, and given to new players or raided tribes to offer some protection

  • Rhino Restoration: Woolly Rhinos have been restored to there former glory with charge speed restored with 20% increase, and charge damage increased from 8x to 12.5x

  • Bloodstalkers are unable to breed, they can still be tamed (not activated)

  • Reusable Items: A reusable grappling hook that works on Aberration but not in Boss Arenas. Reusable Parachute that never runs out!

  • Transferable Element & Element Shards: Convert regular element & shards to cross-travel element to be able to transfer to different maps with the element

  • ArkWarfare PickUp Gun: This is a PickupGun that delivers similar functionality to the S+/SS PickupGun - the big difference is that this has ANTI-DUPE protection that actually works!

For any further changes/additions to this post, there will be an announcement in discord. Feel free to utilise the feedback form to give private feedback about Season 10, alternatively can have a public discussion in the discord.

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