New Player & Raid Protection Shield

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

What is the ArkWarfare Protection Shield?

The ArkWarfare Protection Shield is a structure that has to be spawned by an admin and set by the player either in the centre of there base, or entrance to cave. Once activated, it will act like a Tek Forcefield with a customizable radius. Basically the shield will protect your structures/dinos within the shield by making a forcefield for 3 days. These shields are also used by admins to block banned locations, and also for there own bases as admins do not raid.

Who is eligible for the shield?
  1. Tribes that have been raided with substantial damage (wiped or near wiped) and have not raided since being raided

  2. New players on the main cluster that have not raided anyone

How to claim an ArkWarfare Protection Shield?

If you are a new player or have just been raided on the main cluster follow this process:

  1. Go to your inventory and on your Specimen Implant and copy down your Sample #

  2. Go to #open-a-ticket in discord and respond with envelope symbol to open a ticket and provide the following information:

- RAIDED: Please send screenshots of logs

- NEW: complete the rest of the information

- Sample ID (shown on specimen implant in inventory)

- Player Name

- Tribe Name

- How many players in the tribe?

- Do you have any other bases/backups?

- Which map are you on?

If you can please send me the coords by following these instructions: At location press tab - type ccc - press enter This will copy the coords to your clipboard so I can teleport to the exact location (nothing visual will happen in-game) Now paste in discord (Control + V)

3. Admin will review and reply with the outcome whether approved or not

4. If approved, you will need to be online in order for us to send you the shield

Please note this can take anywhere up to 24 hours to get actioned depending on the time of the request. If in Australian time zone between 5 pm to 10 pm the request should get actioned reasonably quick.


4.7 If a tribe has a protection shield, you are not to engage in PVP with that tribe at their base, or the surrounding area. Nor should the tribe with the shield engage others in the area near the base.

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