New Player & Raid Protection Shield

Are you new to the server and looking for some time to build up in peace?

Have you just been raided and want some protection from other tribes?

Contact an admin in order to claim one.

If you are new to the server you can request a shield for up to 1 week, provided you do not raid anyone whilst the shield is active. If you are ready to pvp sooner, just deactivate the shield.

Same applies for an established tribe that just got raided, whilst the tribe that raided you is not allowed to raid you again for 2 days, there is nothing stopping other tribes from attacking you. Want peace of mind? You can request a shield for 2 days following a raid, or up to 1 week if you were completely wiped. If you are ready to pvp sooner, just deactivate the shield.

How to Claim Cooldown Flag?

1) Go to your inventory and on your Specimen Implant and copy down your Sample #

2) Open a ticket on discord with your Tribe Name, your Sample # and reason for Cooldown Flag

3) Admin will review and reply with outcome whether approved or not (all new players are entitled to this, for raided tribes depending how bad damage is will depend on approval / length of protection)

4) If approved, you will need to be online in order for me to send you the flag and coin to start timer.

Note: Coin expires after 2 hours so that it cannot be stored


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