· The beginner’s server is on a wipe schedule and only last for 14 days.

· New Beginners cycles are completely fresh and everyone starts with nothing and new characters.

· Beginners server is a 30-slot server featuring the Ragnarok map.

· All rules, mods and plugins are identical to our main cluster servers.

· The rates are boosted compared to our main cluster, check Server Info page for more info.

· Beginners servers only also features full ORP following a 1-hour activation timer.

· During the initial first 12 days transferring to and from the main cluster is closed.

· For the remaining 2 days transferring of character, items and dinos will be opened from the beginner server into main cluster, with characters only allowed back into beginner.

· During this 48-hour period you are forced to take all your belongings to our main cluster and find a place to move to on one of our main cluster maps. Obtaining a TEK Transmitter during your time on beginners will assist in this process.

· The beginner server will shut down at the conclusion of the 14 days.

· There will be a 1 day off season where the server will be reset and prepared for the next beginners start date (every 16 days).

· The beginner’s server will then restart the process on a fresh wipe for the new players wishing to start on ARK WARFARE.


Start Cycle 03/01 @ 7pm AEST

Transfer Out Open 15/01 @ 7am AEST

End Cycle: Server Shut Down 17/01 @ 7am AEST (Off for 1 day)

Start next cycle 18/01 @5pm

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