ArkWarfare: Series 2, Season 2

Updated: Feb 7

The 12th Season running! Series 2, Season 2 of ArkWarfare will begin on Friday 12th February at 6PM AEST.


Maps: Aberration, Extinction, Valguero, Genesis, Crystal Isles

Tribe Limit: 6

Alliances: No

Harvest Rates: x3 New Rates (is the same as x6 old rates)

Breeding Rates: x15

Taming Rate: x5 New Rates (is the same as x10 old rates)

XP Multiplier: x3

Tame Limit: 400 per tribe per map

Structure Limit: 12,000 per tribe per map

Weapon Cap: 298% Official Cap

Turret Limit: 150

Season Length: 8 Weeks


➤ Auto-Farmer Added - pick up an Anky, Doed or Beaver for it to automatically start swinging. It will auto-farm until 75% of weight is full. This will also be limited to being used by 1 player in a tribe at a time. You will be expected to have tribe members consistent across cluster, if this is abused your tribe will be punished.

➤ Due to The Island not being in the cluster this season, the player level pre-ascension will have an additional 15 levels, max player level before ascension/chibi is now Level 120

➤ The TekGrams that are unobtainable due to bosses on maps that are not in the cluster this season, these will be obtainable by killing the Alpha Crystal Wyvern Queen Boss on Crystal Isles

➤ Paracers have been given a 10% resistance boost to help counter the recent nerf by Wildcard

➤ Deathworms & Mantis will spawn on Crystal Isles desert

➤ Lightning & Poison Wyverns will spawn in the Fire Wyvern area on Valguero and can obtain eggs from the wyvern nests

➤ As voted, Gacha's will be limited to 6 per tribe per map. You can store more than 6 in soul traps or cryopods, however only 6 Gacha per tribe in the open

➤ After a creature is deployed from a cryopod or soultrap, the following nerfs apply:

  • Cryo Nerf will last for 20 seconds

  • Reduces the amount of damage dealt by the creature by 90%

  • Increases the amount of damage taken by the creature by 25%


➤ 1 ORP per tribe per map

➤ Use global chat command to SET, REMOVE or SHOW ORP

➤ To place ORP, type in global chat /setorp

➤ To show ORP, type in global chat /showorp

➤ To remove ORP, type in global chat /removeorp

➤ ORP will be activated 30 minutes after last tribe member logs off

➤ If you combat log during a raid/PVP and log off within a 10-minute window of PVP/Raiding, ORP will have a penalty delay added before activation of 90 minutes

➤ When ORP is activated your base will have the following protection:

- Structure Damage resistance 40%

- Dino Damage resistance 10%

- Passive Dino Damage resistance 30%

- Turret Damage x3

- Dino Damage x2

➤ Soul Terminal will have 40 slots - 1 per tribe per map allowed - cannot be destroyed

➤ Soul Terminal will give boosted XP to souled dinos kept within (x1.3 XP)

➤ Soul Terminal will heal souled dinos faster than if in open-world (x1.2) ➤ Soul Traps will not give cryosickness to baby dinos

➤ C4 will be placeable on all dinos except for tuso & basilisk

➤ Rare Sightings mod is added. Special effects in RS dinos are disabled. RS dinos will spawn at level 150. High Loot quality available in RS ALPHA drops - this will encourage more open-world PVP

➤ White Drops will contain artifact/tributes from day 3 onwards of each season

➤ Loot drops will be custom and on par with Season 9, click the following link to view the AWF Loot Table:

➤ Phoenix available in reward vault (as unable to spawn naturally)

➤ Custom Dino XP levelling requirements (dinos will reach max level quicker)

➤ Modified dino levels on each map to have similar level ranges on all maps as on Ragnarok

➤ Item/Resources weight reduced by 50%

➤ Stack sizes are mostly 500 for resources with a few exceptions. Ammo is 250 (ARB is 100)

➤ Flamethrower damage reduced by 50%

➤ Beaver Dams will despawn after 120 seconds of being accessed

➤ Plant Species Z flashbang will not affect players vision

➤ Magmasaur structure damage reduced by 50%

➤ Cannon damage reduced by 50%

➤ Shotgun Bullet crafting recipe customised (only requires Metal Ingots & Gunpowder)

Heavy Turret Crafting Recipe updated to remove the Auto Turret requirement

➤ Managarmr frost breath damage reduced by 50% on players & tamed dinos

➤ Crystal Wyverns, Managarmr & Griffins will not be tameable for the first 24 hours

➤ Extinction Titans will be tameable from Week 3 onwards

➤ All flyers are able to be levelled in Movement Speed but have caps to balance

➤ Sheep Grinder will produce Bloodpacks, Mutton & Hide. Just drag an Ovis corpse on top of the sheep grinder and grind away.

➤ The dino scanner feature of the S+ Transmitter will be disabled for the first week

➤ Artifact Caves will have a list of approved caves allowed to build in, no changes to the existing exclusion list. This list can be viewed here:

➤ Ratholes will be allowed within reason, if you can't walk or crouch into the spot, and/or have areas within the location that gives access to under map, it's not allowed. In addition, if the spot includes; Climbing Picks, Zipline, knocking out character or anything similar to gain access INTO said spot, it is a banned spot and if you are found, you WILL be punished

➤ Alpha Dinos will drop element as per the following:

- Alpha Raptor (3 element)

- Alpha Carno (3-5 element)

- Alpha Rex (3-10 element)

- Alpha Karkinos (3-10 element)

- Alpha Megalodon (3-10 element)

- Alpha Tuso (5-15 element)

- Ice Worm Queen (5-20 element)

- Alpha Wyvern (10-25 element)

- Alpha Mosasaur (10-25 element)

- Alpha Surface Reaper King (10-25 element)

- Alpha Basilisk (10-30 element)

- Alpha Leedsichthys (10-30 element)

To view all the server information please click here:

To view the server rules please click here:

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