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Updated: May 15, 2020

Season 9 brings on some new changes in ArkWarfare, taking on your suggestions, votes and looking for ways to further balance the game. We are pleased to welcome amarok to the team as the official mod developer for ArkWarfare, and this season we introduce the custom ArkWarfare mod.

The mod brings the following features into the servers:

- Once beaver dam inventory is accessed the dam automatically decomposes after 120 seconds

- Bola duration for players is 15 seconds, Duration for Dinosaurs is 30 seconds

- Damage for Flamethrower ‘Enflamed’-Debuff is set to 4% per tick

- Managarmr: Remove dash damage, Reduce freeze to players, Reduced damage to 50% to players from Ice Breath

- Magmasaur: 4x Ammo Cost & 50% reduced structure damage

- Doedicurus: Increased range of Swing-Attack by 100%

- Auto Swing Candy: craft this candy and feed to an anky/doed to make it auto-swing for 5 minutes

- Mindwipe Tonic (Levels only): a mindwipe tonic for resetting player levels only (not engrams)

- Dino XP Potion: available in Reward Vault for a dino to drink to gain XP points for levelling

- Argentavis: Allows you to grab ridden dinos with the ‘C’-Attack

- Plant Z grenades no longer blind players, Still causes dismount of dinos

- Added a Leaderboard for each map which has the top PKers. (Player Killers) - Press F3

- New Chibis: Mek, Raft, Broodmother, Desert Titan, Ice Titan & Velonasaur

- Treasure Hunt Event: Activated by an admin and randomly spawns treasure chests across the map and announces the coords to treasure chest. Treasure chests will contain high quality items.

Some other changes coming:

- Structure limits are now in place for each map, and each tribe per map will have a total structure limit of 10,000 applied. This means, if you were to reach that many structures, it will not allow you to place anymore. This limit has been set upon reviewing tribe structure counts throughout season.

- Structure limits per map are also in place for the following items with their respective caps:

- Crop Plots (200 of each)

- Lights (50 of each)

- Gardener (5)

- Tribe Dino Limit will remain at 500

- Removal of Wyvern & Griffin charms (saddle armour)

- Wyvern max speed set to 120% (was 130%)

- Player Max Speed Cap of 191.5%

- Tribe slot cooldown of 2 hours applied (when you remove a tribe member, you cannot replace that slot for 2 hours)

- Removal of SS Ballista Turret, SS Plant Species X, Incinerator, Reusable Flare Gun

- Removal of wood as a resource in beaver dams

- Brontos will be tamable this season

- Managarmr will be tamable this season with the added changes: Remove dash damage, Remove freeze from players, Reduced damage to 50% to players from Ice Breath, max speed capped at 158%. They will not spawn for the first week of season.

- Megachelon & Managarmr taming will be disabled for the first week only

- Valguero Chalk & Ice Golems will be replaced with normal Scorched Earth Rock Golems due to a bug preventing the valguero versions from being transferred.

- New plugin that integrates global chat into discord. Ingame chat will appear in a new channel and an auto-mute feature when racist/homophobic comments are entered into global chat.

Results from Official Season 9 votes:

- Season 9 will officially begin on Friday 15th May 2020

- Maps: The Center, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero & Genesis

- We will not be running a Beginner server in Season 9, however following 2 weeks into season we will provide new players with a 7-day protection shield like we did in Season 8

- Max Player Level will be 120 as Island removed, then you can gain an additional 15 levels each for Aberration & Genesis ascension, and +5 Levels from Chibis, still giving a max player level of 155.

- Tribe Limit: 6ppl

- Alliances: No

- Harvest Rates: 7x weekdays, 15x weekends (Overharvest has been turned off as per official)

- Taming Rate: 10x

- XP Multiplier: 4x

- SS Transmitter: No changes – will remain in game with dino scanner active

- Reusables mod will stay – removal of reusable flare gun

- ORP Turret Damage: 5x

- ORP Structure Resistance: 60% - We will not be adding Offline Raid Notifications to the cluster

- Seasons duration will continue as normal, 2-4 months and will be reviewed at 2 months, or when population decreases.

- Reward Vault Boss packs will now include tribute items. Please note only Beta will be available.

- Some Artifact Caves will be buildable – there are some caves restricted which you can find information about here:

- No changes to raid limits, one raid per day per tribe per map. However, rules have been updated for Season 9

- Cryopods will be removed, Soul Traps will be altered to mirror the settings of a cryopod so that they operate the same. However, I have made Soul Traps timer to trap a dino be 4 seconds instead of 5 seconds. Soul Guns will no longer be able to be used during pvp cooldown.

- Daeodons will be added to the spawn listing in blue zone on Aberration, and will be able to soul trap & release. They will not be able to downloaded from transmitter/obelisk.

Increased element from Boss Fights

Due to the methods of obtaining element from gachas, aberration and genesis we will be increasing the element yield for bosses. Beta & Alpha boss fights on The Center will now give 2x element from boss completion, whereas Ragnarok & Valguero will only return 1.5x more element. Please note that these changes will only effect Beta & Alpha fights and that Gamma fights will remain with the default element reward. Our reasoning behind this change is to make element more rewarding for tribes who farm for bosses. The new boss fight rewards can be seen below:

- Gamma Center = 30 Element (No increase)

- Beta Center = 164 Element (x2)

- Alpha Center = 370 Element (x2)

- Gamma Ragnarok = 65 Element (No increase)

- Beta Ragnarok = 300 Element (1.5x)

- Alpha Ragnarok = 615 Element (1.5x)

- Gamma Valguero = 85 Element (No Increase)

- Beta Valguero = 381 Element (1.5x)

- Alpha Valguero = 780 Element (1.5x)

ArkWarfare Update

Admins: A big thank you to our admins Kl250d, Lilith, Sage & Xena. Xena will be taking a break from admin this season and may be on from time to time to help out, and Lilith will be moving into an events role. Micks will be joining us as our newest admin in training.

Discord Moderator: This role will be to assist keeping an eye on discord channels to ensure they are kept appropriate and in line with discord rules, and also to assist members with any game related questions. Keyalis & TheGamingGorilla will be taking on this role in Season 9.

Event Coordinator: This role will assist admins to plan/organize events. Lilith & Mangolorian will be taking on this role in Season 9.

ArkWarfare Mod Developer: Amarok has been working on a custom mod for ArkWarfare. There is some quality of life changes, as well as some added awesomeness to make warfare unique. If you would like to support Amarok directly you can do so via his Patron:

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