ArkWarfare: Reborn (Series 2, Season 1)

The 11th Season running! Series 2, Season 1 of ArkWarfare will begin on Friday 1st January at 5pm AEST.


Maps: The Island, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction & Genesis

Harvest Rates: x5 New Rates (is the same as x10 rates before WC update)

Tribe Limit: 4

Alliances: No

Breeding Rates: x30 (3hrs Wyvern / 11hrs Giga)

Taming Rate: x10 New Rates (is the same as x20 rates before WC update)

XP Multiplier: x3

Tame Limit: 400 per tribe per map


➤ Managarmr will be tameable and spawn on Extinction. Managarmr frost breath damage reduced by 50% on players & tamed dinos

➤ Crystal Wyverns, Managarmr & Griffins will not be tameable for the first 24 hours

➤ Extinction Titans will be tameable from Week 3 onwards

➤ Naj's Speedy Flyer mod will be removed (see next point)

➤ New plugin for setting flyers max speed without needing to level up movement speed, points that would have been spent in MS can now be used in other stats

➤ Sheep Grinder will produce Bloodpacks along with Mutton & Hide. Just drag an Ovis corpse on top of the sheep grinder and grind away.

➤ The dino scanner feature of the S+ Transmitter will be disabled for the first week

➤ Artifact Caves will have a list of approved caves allowed to build in, no changes to the existing exclusion list. This list can be viewed here:

➤ Ratholes will be allowed within reason, if you can't walk or crouch into the spot, and/or have areas within the location that gives access to under map, it's not allowed. In addition, if the spot includes; Climbing Picks, Zipline, knocking out character or anything similar to gain access INTO said spot, it is a banned spot and if you are found, you WILL be punished

➤ Alpha Dinos will drop element as per the following:

- Alpha Raptor (3 element)

- Alpha Carno (3-5 element)

- Alpha Rex (3-10 element)

- Alpha Karkinos (3-10 element)

- Alpha Megalodon (3-10 element)

- Alpha Tuso (5-15 element)

- Ice Worm Queen (5-20 element)

- Alpha Wyvern (10-25 element)

- Alpha Mosasaur (10-25 element)

- Alpha Surface Reaper King (10-25 element)

- Alpha Basilisk (10-30 element)

- Alpha Leedsichthys (10-30 element)


➤ Turret Limit: 200

➤ 1 ORP per tribe per map

➤ Use global chat command to SET, REMOVE or SHOW ORP

➤ To place ORP, type in global chat /setorp

➤ To show ORP, type in global chat /showorp

➤ To remove ORP, type in global chat /removeorp

➤ ORP will be activated 30 minutes after last tribe member logs off

➤ If you combat log during a raid/PVP and log off within a 10-minute window of PVP/Raiding, ORP will have a penalty delay added before activation of 90 minutes

➤ When ORP is activated your base will have the following protection:

- Structure Damage resistance 40%

- Dino Damage resistance 10%

- Passive Dino Damage resistance 30%

- Turret Damage x3

- Dino Damage x2

➤ ORP Power Source structure has 200K HP which can be destroyed to disable the ORP protection, this structure is only visible when the tribe has logged off.

➤ Raid Rules reverting back to prior seasons: One raid per 24-hour period per map

➤ Soul Terminal will have 40 slots - 1 per tribe per map allowed - cannot be destroyed

➤ Soul Terminal will give boosted XP to souled dinos kept within (x1.3 XP)

➤ Soul Terminal will heal souled dinos faster than if in open-world (x1.2) ➤ Soul Traps will not give cryosickness to baby dinos

➤ C4 will be placeable on all dinos except for tuso & basilisk

➤ Rare Sightings will be added. Special effects in RS dinos are disabled. RS dinos will spawn at level 150. High Loot quality available in RS drops - this will encourage more open-world PVP

➤ White Drops contain artifact/tributes but will give more than prior seasons (to encourage more boss fights)

➤ Loot drops will be custom and on par with Season 9, click the following link to view the AWF Loot Table:

➤ Crystal Wyverns & Tropeognathus will spawn on other maps

➤ Deinonychus & Phoenix available in reward vault (as unable to spawn naturally)

➤ Custom Dino XP levelling requirements (dinos will reach max level quicker)

➤ Bloodstalker can be tamed from the beginning. As there are no flyers (that you can fly) on Genesis, this is the only real form of travel

➤ Modified dino levels on each map to have similar level ranges on all maps as on Ragnarok

➤ Engram Unlocker added via PlugIn. Enter command in Global Chat /UnlockEngrams

➤ Item/Resources weight reduced by 50%

➤ Stack sizes are mostly 1000 for resources with a few exceptions. Ammo is 250 (ARB is 100)

➤ Flamethrower damage reduced by 50%

➤ Beaver Dams will despawn after 120 seconds of being accessed

➤ Plant Species Z flashbang will not affect players vision

➤ Magmasaur structure damage reduced by 50%

➤ Cannon damage reduced by 50%

➤ Shotgun Bullet crafting recipe customised (only requires Metal Ingots & Gunpowder)

Heavy Turret Crafting Recipe updated to remove the Auto Turret requirement

To view all the server information please click here:

To view the server rules please click here:

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