ArkWarfare Policies

Updated: Jun 25

Below is a list of policies that apply to ArkWarfare members and staff, to ensure a consistent approach is upheld.

  • If a tribe has been insided, the tribe will NOT be reimbursed for any loss. Tribes are responsible for who they invite to their tribe. The player/s found guilty will be banned for 30-days, if the insider returns all the stolen/lost belongings to the tribe, then the ban may be shortened or removed. Exceptions may be made in extreme circumstances.

  • Tribe leaders should be consistent across all maps in order to establish the tribe leader for who is ultimately responsible for the tribe & belongings. If tribe leaders are not consistent across the cluster, we will assess based on who is the leader on a certain map.

  • A tribe leader can be overthrown in MAJOR circumstances. If a tribe provides undeniable evidence of the leader being tyrannic, untrustworthy, breaking rules, or inactive for 7 days plus ALL remaining tribe members vote the leader out, they can remove the leader from ownership. Under extreme circumstances where the majority of tribe wish to leave due to conflict, discuss with admins how to proceed.

  • Players must be aware of whoever the leader of the tribe is in-game is entitled to do whatever they wish with the tribe’s roster or belongings. It is important that you have the same Leader on all maps, or can at least trust the person that is made Leader.

  • Stacking Dino's must be in accordance with the Code of Conduct (not inside another dino's model). You may stack dinos in such a way that the sides of the body do not overlap, but the head and tail may overlap within another dino model.

  • When we issue bans, we will not disclose full details or share evidence that was used in the process of banning a player. This is to protect our methods of catching cheaters to maintain a fair and safe environment so that the knowledge cannot be used in future scenarios.

  • We do not accept discord messages or messenger services as viable proof as these messages can be forged. The best form of proof is a video.

  • If a player logs into a server to find themselves falling under the world and eventually leading to death. Then the player is not to be reimbursed for their gear – this is a known bug as listed in the appropriate discord channel. Players must understand the risk when logging out with valuable gear.

  • We do not refund any element, tributes or tekgrams from boss fights if it is a known issue with the game. We advise you to video record your boss fights as they are known to play up. Without any video evidence we are unable to assist and please note that we will only reimburse for issues that arise due to the server.

  • Any dinos/items lost due to patches, lag, mods, bugs etc. will not usually be replaced. Dino replacement may be considered on a case by case basis if the dino is recoverable via Soul Recovery. An admin will assess the situation and determine if it will be replaced. Any item or BP will never be replaced due to too many people falsifying what was lost, please don’t ask.

  • Only one raid per 24-hour period per map is allowed - the only exception to this is if a tribe raids you, you are allowed to retaliate immediately regardless of your cooldown on that map. If you do retaliate with a raid, this will be considered the 1 raid of the day on that map and cannot raid another tribe for 24 hours on that map from the time the raid ends.

  • Tribes may have agreements set in place in order to bypass raid cooldowns against one another. In order to put it in place, both tribe leaders must open a ticket and request this at which point the Owner will approve a Tribe War for a period of time whereby you can raid each other as often as you like and not count towards your raid cooldowns.

  • All players are to be treated equally and fairly in accordance with Rules & Policies

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