ArkWarfare: 100x Cluster Season 4

Updated: Oct 8

The 4th Season of our 100x Cluster will begin

on Friday 8th October at 6PM AEST.


Maps: Ragnarok, The Center & Extinction

Tribe Limit: 4

Alliances: No

General Harvest Rates: x100

Breeding Rates: x100

Taming Rate: x100

XP Multiplier: x100

Tame Limit: 750

Structure Limit: 30,000 per tribe per map

Weapon Cap: 500%

Saddle Cap: 250%

Flak Dura Cap: 1500

Turret Limit: 300

Max Player Level: 135 (+5 Chibi)

➤ Boosted player/dino stats

➤ Resource/Item weight reduction of 70%

Artifact Caves: All caves allowed

➤ Stack sizes 10,000 (ARB is 150)

➤ Awesome Teleporters added in

➤ Reduction to loot quality so BPs are not as expensive to craft for high-end BPs

➤ Reduction to respawn timers

➤ Ingame shop income per 15 minutes increased from 25 to 50

➤ Shop points trading within tribe enabled


Sage has developed our ArkWarfare community mod in collaboration with other mod developers. Subscribe to the mod here:

This mod includes the following unique additions to ArkWarfare:

ArkWarfare Element Crafting Station where you can now craft your own element in the game. Check out the video of this in use which will be available on 50x:

ArkWarfare Dino Collar is an armoured collar that can be equipped to Bloodstalkers, Wyverns and Griffins to provide 35 armour.

Shadowmane PVP Balance prevents the Shadowmane from dismounting its targets when using the Teleport attacks.

ArkWarfare Bed Detector grants raptors the ability to sniff out and locate enemy beds using a real-time HUD.

ArkWarfare MindWipe which is craftable from your inventory and only resets your levels, no more annoying engram resets!

Transferrable Element, Shards and Bulk Element allow converting element and shards into cross-travel element so that you can travel to other servers in the cluster.

Dino XP Potion can be purchased from the in-game shop and will give enough XP for your dino to reach the max level.

ArkWarfare Reusable Parachute is exactly what the name says, a reusable parachute!

ArkWarfare Reusable Grapple is still under development and coming soon. For now, you can use a reusable grapple we have added from an alternative mod.

Custom Skins are available in the in-game shop for various weapons!

ArkWarfare Protection Shields have been revamped and are available via admin request for new players and raided tribes from Day 3 onwards.

  • Tropeognathus - Ragnarok - Center

  • Tropical Wyvern - Ragnarok - Desert Oasis

  • Blood Wyvern - Ragnarok - Volcano Area

  • Ember Wyvern - Ragnarok - Mountains

  • Bloodstalker - Ragnarok - Redwoods

  • Karkinos - Ragnarok - Swamp

  • Tek Trikes - Ragnarok - Grasslands

  • Ravager - Center - Mountains

  • Maewing - Center - Snow Grasslands

  • RollRat - Center - Redwoods

  • Ferox - Center - Snow Grasslands

  • Shadowmane - Extinction - Wastelands



Ragnarok Gamma - 500

Ragnarok Beta - 1000

Ragnarok Alpha - 3000

Center Gamma - 350

Center Beta - 750

Center Alpha - 2500

Alpha Dinos will drop element when killed as per the following:

  • Alpha Raptor (10-30 element)

  • Alpha Carno (10-30 element)

  • Ice Worm Queen (20-50 element)

  • Alpha Rex (30-90 element)

  • Alpha Megalodon (50-100 element)

  • Alpha Tuso (50-150 element)

  • Alpha Wyvern (50-150 element)

  • Alpha Leedsichthys (60-120 element)

  • Alpha Mosasaur (70-150 element)


For a full list of AWF 100x Cluster settings please go to this page:

To view the server rules please click here:

To subscribe to the mod list please click here:

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