ARK: Fear Evolved 3 (2019)

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

From October 22nd to November 5th, the spookiest and most requested event will be active! We've been asking for your feedback on things you'd like to see in events and we have something exciting in store for everyone.  For those who've seen the ghoulish graves and overgrown pumpkin patches; fear not, there will be a number of new items to collect! Stay tuned for chilling trailer reveal and more details on the event!

NEW Event Items

Jack O'Lantern Mask
Hockey Mask
Headless Neck stump
Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization Candy 
Spooky Emotes
Panic Emote
Spooky Dance Emote
Zombie Emote

Prior Event Creatures

Dodo Wyvern
Skeletal Giganotosaurus
Skeletal Quetzal
Skeletal Jerboa
Bone Fire Wyvern
Zombie Fire Wyvern
Zombie Lightning Wyvern
Zombie Poison Wyvern
Skeletal Bronto
Skeletal Stego
Skeletal Trike
Skeletal Raptor
Skeletal Rex
Skeletal Carnotaurus

Prior Event Items

Stolen Headstone

Prior Event Skins

DodoWyvern Mask Skin
Clown Mask Skin
Vampire Eyes Skin
Werewolf Mask Skin
Giganotosaurus Bone Costume
Jerboa Bone Costume
Quetzalcoatlus Bone Costume
Wyvern Bone Costume
DodoRex Mask Skin
Carno Bone Costume
Rex Bone Costume
Raptor Bone Costume
Bronto Bone Costume
Trike Bone Costume
Stego Bone Costume
Witch Hat Skin
Dino Witch Hat Skin


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