Seasons can vary in length depending on various factors such as population, new releases, and glitches/bugs. Typically seasons will last between 2 - 4 months.

Season 9 had a new record number of players online with 324 players on wipe night and most servers reaching slot cap!

ARK WARFARE has been REBORN and will be announcing details of Season 11 soon...

We will be creating a server template which will be the foundations of ArkWarfare, for those that played Season 9 it will look similar to this with a few changes, given this was our most popular season and received the most positive feedback. I will also be taking into consideration the results from over 1000+ responses to our surveys and find a happy medium that you will all enjoy. The community will still be able to raise suggestions in the discord and official voting will take place, however no major changes will take place mid-season unless absolutely necessary, and not deviating from the template too far. There will be more information coming soon…


We are proceeding with the upgrade to the new machine as originally planned to support and maintain the population. This upgrade will be taking place Mid-September, I have the proposed date of Friday 2nd October for Season 11 start date, and will confirm once I have established this. 

For those that want to put their PVP skills to the test, hop on over to the Team Deathmatch or ARENA server where it is PVP at its finest.

We have 2 official ArkWarfare mods that have some unique additions: Sheep Grinder, Treasure Chest Events, ArkWarfare Protection Shields for new players & raided tribes, Player Kill leaderboard, custom kill feed and lots of QoL changes. 

Running the 'Make Ark Great Again' Plugin! The MAGA plugin removes popcorning, provides some offline protection, adds PVP cooldown timers that restrict the use of certain items such as the transfer tool - to promote a healthy PVP culture. There is a new plugin we have recently added that gives greater protection against cheese methods and exploits in-game.

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