We follow the official Studio Wildcard Code of Conduct for Ark: Survival Evolved.

Any breach of their rules or ours will result in a punishment as listed below.

(1) General Rules

1.1 English only in global.

1.2 Ensure you do not inflict any form of misconduct. Do not try and force dictatorship, blackmail others, create toxicity and ruin the game for other players in the community. This includes but is not limited to language which is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, homophobic, encouragement of self-harm, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive. This is PvP, trash-talking is okay but if it gets out of hand the situation will be reviewed and dealt with accordingly.

1.3 You must always use legitimate character, tribe and dino name(s). It is forbidden to use any symbols not found in the English alphabet. "Human", "Survivor", "Admin", "Player", "123", "321", "OneTwoThree", "□□□" or anything similar is not allowed.

1.4 You are required to have the same tribe members and tribe name across all maps in the cluster, using multiple names to hide identity, rotating members, account sharing or utilising alt accounts is strictly forbidden. 

1.5 Insiding is completely forbidden, this includes but is not limited to: leaving a tribe and taking items with you without tribe leader consent, disabling defences to allow entry to another tribe or causing destruction from within the base prior or after leaving the tribe. If you wish to leave a tribe and take items with you then you must disclose it with your tribe leader first. If it is the leader that is leaving the tribe, only a fair portion can be taken. If you have left a tribe, you are NOT allowed to raid the tribe you left for 3 days.

1.6 If you have organised a trade, there is no scamming (ie. setting up trade and killing the person to take there offering, or not giving what was promised). Suggest having screenshot proof of agreement via messages.


1.7 Gigas stored within a cave where the entrance is not large enough for a Giga to fit through in/out in full, are not allowed to be stored as Neutral/Aggressive - only passive. Nor can you use a Giga to attack within this type of cave (ie. Crouch spots)


(2) Building Rules

2.1 All structures you place must be visible and able to be damaged via a legitimate method. No floating or invisible structures.


2.2 Turrets can be built out in the world when raiding, PvPing, PvEing or when teleporting to boss arenas via terminals. But must be taken down immediately after leaving the area and not left around in the world.

2.4 You may not place structures on top of your or another's player model making them completely concealed, immobilized or invulnerable is forbidden. This rule does not apply to dinos.

2.5 The use of unintended building mechanics raiding method utilizing foundations, pillars, ramps, walls, & ceilings to build tunnels and enclosed pathways into enemy foundation claim range bypassing enemy turrets & defences with the intent of destroying them from close proximity. Clarification: This rule DOES NOT apply to platform saddle creatures or to rafts & motorboats.


2.6 If you can't walk or crouch into the spot, and/or have areas within the location that gives access to under map, it's not allowed. In addition, if the spot includes: Climbing Picks, Zipline, knocking out a character or anything similar to gain access INTO said spot, it is a banned spot and if you are found, you WILL be punished. For underwater locations, at a minimum, a Carbonemys must be able to fit through the entrances/tunnels.

2.7 No structure spamming landmass that you are not using for your base. Spam is allowed to prevent nearby fobs, but this must be appropriate to the size/location of your base.


2.8 “Pocket” Plant X is strictly forbidden. Any tribes caught using Plant X without a Crop Plot will be heavily punished.


​(3) PVP Rules

​3.2 Do not prison or cage offline players. If you cage an online player, a maximum cage timer of 60 minutes applies. (Rule does not apply if you are raiding, you can keep a player caged during the entire duration of the raid). You are not permitted to use tek forcefields or anything similar to trap players in a form of stasis.

3.3 Tribes are not permitted to "team" when it comes to PvP. This includes such things as: Two tribes against one or more tribes (12 v 6 etc), defending a tribe from another tribe’s attacks to provide mutual defences and/or counter raiding. Whilst open-world PVP can at times include multiple tribes and if your tribe log is found to be overwhelmingly in favour of one tribe over another - this will be considered teaming.

3.8 If a tribe has a protection shield, at the base and surrounding area you are not to engage in PVP with that tribe, destroy structures, kill dinos/players. Nor should the tribe with the shield engage in PVP with others in the area near the base, nor should they engage in raiding or destruction of enemy tribe structures in the open world.

ArkWarfare Punishment System

To view the punishments that can result from breaching ArkWarfare rules or Wildcard's Official Code of Conduct please click HERE

Process for informing of broken rules:

Sometimes screenshots are not enough to validate the rule broken, video recordings are generally the best method of proof.

Admins have access to view logs to validate concerns. If you suspect someone of breaking rules, please open a ticket in discord.